Current Beauty Trends

What is a top choice this year may not be the leading choice next year. All women are looking for ways to reduce the signs of aging, they want to feel younger, more beautiful and they want their confidence to soar. This means that they put themselves through a host of different beauty routines daily to ensure that they continue looking great.


In my line of business it is imperative that I know what the current beauty trends are and what my clients may be subjecting themselves to daily.


I can use this information to provide advice and make recommendations to a client. It can also help me ensure I choose the right products based on what they want to achieve and their lifestyle beliefs.




Lip Color Trends


Every season and every year new makeup trends surface.

Women rush out to buy a new lip color that is trendy, though it is important when taking advantage of the latest trends to give you inspiration, that you ensure you choose a lip color that complements your skin tone and lip structure, reducing the risk of their lips looking too narrow, too plump or aging them significantly due to the wrong color options.


Reds remain a leading beauty trend this year with different shades being worn at all types of events. On the catwalk we have seen reds really shine through. The benefit is that red can be worn by all skin tones, making it a universal color that you should always have in your makeup kit.


Dark plums have also made their way into the top choice right now. This trend is ideal for those with fuller lips. The darkness of the plum can help narrow the lips slightly, reducing their fullness, while still keeping them looking beautiful and sultry.


Pinks are dominating the beauty industry right now and they come in a variety of shades. ‘Pretty in pink’ is definitely a motto to follow right now to ensure you get the perfect makeup finish that you can trust.


Eye Trends 


As with the lips, trends are constantly changing in terms of the eye makeup that you use.

Current trends include bright blues. The bright blues are exceptionally popular when creating a smoky eye look, take the brightest blue you can find in dark or lighter shades to really make an impact.


False lashes are not going out of style any time soon and are still one of the leading beauty trends to create beautiful eyes that make a statement.

False lashes should be added based on the eye shape and the event. Natural lashes are ideal for daytime use while the full lashes are darker and ideal for making a statement at a night time event.


Peaches and pinks have made their way into eye color this season and you will find that adding pink eye shadow instead of the traditional blue, green or brown will make a notable impact. Though be careful when matching peaches and pinks to skin tone, because they can make the eye look small and the last thing you want is an unwelcome and poky look.


Glitter in eye shadow is another beauty trend that is here to stay right now. Don’t go overboard when applying the glitter and refrain from using it if your over thirty five. ...Sorry.......but if your younger, apply it but do so in moderation.


Cat’s eyes, wings and graphic eyes are still very much in fashion right now. The one you choose should be based on your age and the type of event you are attending. You don’t want to have a bride walking down the aisle with dramatic eyes, which are best suited for a nightclub or walking down the catwalk at a fashion show.


Skin Care Trends 


Bronzed skin is a leading beauty trend right now.

It doesn’t require spending hours in the damaging sun or on a harmful sun bed. Using bronzed foundations and toners can add that kiss of color with ease, making you look healthier.


Nudes are a top choice when it comes to beauty trends right now. Using a good foundation and concealer to hide blemishes and imperfections and with careful makeup use, the more natural you look, the better.


Using organic products is a must in the beauty industry. Organic products are made from natural ingredients.  More people are focusing on organic in their daily lives from the food that they eat, the shampoo they use to wash their hair, to the makeup that they apply to their face.


 Hair Trends 


When it comes to beauty trends, you will find that the trends for hair is another that is constantly changing.


Right now the sun kissed hair look is in, this means highlights of color that enhance the hair, making it look naturally lightened by the sun.


Braids are also back right now. This doesn’t mean doing two braids, but rather a nice long braid down the back that is neat, elegant and sophisticated and is the perfect choice for all types of events.


Organic Products 


The use of organic products is growing in demand and is a leading beauty trend.

For many, knowing what is in their products and ensuring that they don’t contain any harmful chemicals which could be absorbed into the body, is essential. People are changing the way they eat, ensuring that their food is organic, only eating free range and then only using organic beauty products.


One product that is a must is coconut oil. This isn’t a runny oil that you find when buying olive or cooking oils, it is a thicker oil that comes scented or unscented, it is an effective and natural makeup remover and can also be used on the hair as a nourishing mask to provide strong, healthy and shiny hair.




Facial waxing is a top beauty trend which has been leading the industry for years.


Wax can be used on numerous areas on the face to remove unwanted and unwelcome hair, including the chin, upper lip and eyebrows. For women, hair on the upper lip can lower self-confidence, making them feel more masculine.

The benefit with waxing is that it can last weeks, if not a month or more, making it the ideal choice for women to remove unwanted facial hair quickly and effectively.


Anti-aging Products and Solutions 


Using anti-aging products daily is a growing market and women are using a host of different products and solutions to help them achieve results.


Night time creams and day creams that include anti-aging properties aren’t enough any more.


One of the most current trends includes botox, which is a neurotoxin injection. The other is lovera. Lovera sounds harsh, but in fact it is pain free. The process takes around fifteen minutes to complete using liquid nitrous oxide. This freezes the nerves in the face temporarily to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles caused by aging.

It is important to point out  that whatever anti-aging product or service you choose, they cannot be removed permanently, they can only be reduced, thereby hidden once makeup is applied. It is a natural part of the aging process, but reducing them can help boost confidence considerably.


 Fat Freezing 


Fat freezing is another of the current beauty trends that you may not know about.

Just when you thought you had heard it all, you hear about the ability to freeze fat. In fact, the process doesn’t really follow its name. Fat freezing is actually called cryolipolysis and involves applying a plate device over the fat and rapidly cooling it. They then use high pressured acoustic waves to tighten and smooth the skin, providing a more youthful appearance in the long run.


Vampire Facials 


While you know there is no such thing as vampires, you have to wonder how this facial got its name.

It’s simple really, vampire facials use blood, which is drawn from the client and then added with platelet-rich plasma mixed with cosmetic fillers, this is then injected directly into the face.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy has been used for some time, especially with professional athletes, but not for facials. It has been used to speed up the recovery process after injury.


Radial Wave Therapy 


Radial wave therapy is also sometimes referred to as body sculpting.

It is an effective way to reduce cellulite. This therapy is completed using a handheld device on the thighs, hips and buttocks. It increases blood flow to the area, thereby improving skin elasticity and reducing the signs of cellulite.


Snake Therapy 


If you fear snakes, then this is definitely not a current beauty trend you want to participate in.

This involves climbing into a bath of snakes, yes snakes. Pythons are the most commonly used snakes in this process, where you will receive a relaxing and natural all over body massage. Definitely not for the faint-hearted.


Spray Tans 


As a current beauty trend, having a golden skin tone makes you look healthier and makes you feel better about yourself.

Millions of women take themselves to the salon weekly to put themselves through dangerous sun exposure through sun beds. What these women may not realize is that their risk of skin cancer is increased by making use of these sun tan options.

Spray tans are safer and can be completed within a short period of time. Basically, you walk into the salon, choose the darkness of your tan and walk out sun kissed and tanned.




While this beauty trend may sound dangerous and even painful, the truth is that it is a completely painless experience which exfoliates the skin effectively.

Microdermabrasion is effective in removing dead skin cells and exfoliating the skin, allowing the new and fresh skin cells to come to the surface, giving the skin a cleaner, healthier and smoother finish.


Seaweed Wraps 



Seaweed wraps are a top beauty trend due to their organic natures.

These help eliminate toxins from the body while helping reduce weight. Clients are wrapped in seaweed from head to foot, including the face. The seaweed then draws out any toxins in the body, leaving them clean, both inside and out.


Lip Fillers 


In 2018, soft tissue fillers were up three percent from 2015 to 2.3 million procedures.

This technique can be accomplished with some corrective makeup and, as you can see, it is a hot commodity.

Remember that full lips send the message of sensuality.



 Fine Line Fix

6.7 million procedures were done in 2017 for the Type A Botulinum Toxin.

This is a procedure where the Botox is injected into the fine lines to make them disappear by blocking the signals to the nerves that contract the skin. Also in 2017, 1.2 million choose a different route with a chemical peel to erase those fine lines and wrinkles by killing multiple layers of skin at one time with chemicals and then peeling the old skin away exposing new skin underneath. Plus, almost 900 thousand used microdermabrasion where tiny scrubbers wear away at the outer skin.

Some of these procedures can be painful.


Since ancient times, people have been looking for ways to look younger and healthier.

Smooth skin is the best way to achieve that.

Whether it is Botox injections or chemical peels, the goal is to remove the wrinkles, so that the skin is smoother and tighter. A good primer and concealer can eliminate this need. And if you put a moisturizer on first, with some UVA and UVB protection, you can save yourself from any need for future procedures.


Hairy Situations 


1.1 million laser hair procedures were done in 2018,

It is apparent that people are tired of dealing with that unwanted hair. One of the major hair issues that people have are the brows. When the brows get unruly, it makes a big difference. Brow shaping can help out and so can some really good eye makeup.


These procedures didn’t stop there. 


They are breast augmentations, nose reshaping, liposuctions, eyelid surgery, and facelifts as well, ranging from between one hundred thousand to three hundred thousand procedures a piece. 



And there you have it.............................

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