How did I get here ???

March 31, 2018

How did I get here? No I don’t mean when Mammy and Daddy were having fun Valentine’s night 45 years ago. I mean here……Most people who know me, know that I have had a rather colorful career path, beginning in our humble family shop, baking cakes and apple tarts and when I grew up, to a young waitress in the hotel business, which usually meant skivvy and then progressing to chef slowly and eventually management level in various establishments.


So, move forward to 2008 and recession was in full swing. A year beforehand, I had a Mac makeup artist to my house the morning of my wedding, doing her magic. She was very difficult to find at the time and at a cool €50 per head, with 6 odd faces for 2 hours work, naturally I could see the potential.



I set off about getting trained up, the more I searched, the more I discovered. I set up ‘Beauty at Home’ doing makeup and spray tan in your own home while working full time. Everywhere I went my spray tan tent came with me and all the girls at work were loving it as I took on makeup sales and the bug was getting bigger. I trained in Style Coaching and had a vision of my future.


Recession finally hit me big time and I was let go in my job and no one was spending any money and there were no jobs of any kind available. This resulted in another career change to Financial Adviser and everyone laughed at me, and I wouldn’t blame them, I could hardly manage my own finances, not to mind anyone else but nevertheless I persevered. Did all the training and exams, moved out to Spain with rose colored glasses and a promise of all my financial dreams coming true. Lets park that up there. It’s still a raw subject.


I returned home after nearly 2 years on my 40th birthday, tail between my legs, broken, mentally, spiritually and physically, not a pot to piss in as they say, drained from life and couldn’t see any future but divine inspiration and a little help from doctors, I picked myself up, started doing pampering parties for little money, and getting the bug once more and once I saved up a bit of money, I trained in other beauty aspects, massage, nails, eventually did a course in ITEC and was all set to start again with ‘Iconic Styling’


But I got a job that paid really well in sales, It was demanding but rewards were huge and it really got me back on track financially, I worked part time in my business but it proved too much, I just wasn’t able to fully commit to one or the other so I gave up the beauty business, sold everything and carried on making money in sales. But nothing is forever, as I was made redundant for the second time with them in four years. Now it's June 2017 and troubled with what I would do next, nothing appealed to me and I was afraid to return to beauty, but you know when you can’t get something out of your head, you just have to do it and get it out of your system and here I am in ‘The Beauty Shack’. Watch this space. Your dreams don’t have an expiration date.


Thank you, my loyal friends and family, and especially my clients who have stuck with me on this long journey. You have no idea how much I appreciate you and how you light up my world.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.




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