Be  Younique - Not just Makeup

March 4, 2018

Every one is unique with own character and personality. For sure that you aren’t able to compare one person to others. You shouldn’t urge your opinion to be agreed when they dislike your idea. Unique is meant that you are special, including how the way your thoughts and behaviour.

10 Ideas to be unique as I did:

1. No matter what their opinion as long as you feel comfort to be yourself.

2. Find the strengths of self such talent or aptitude!

3. Don’t think over regarding the weakness! Every one is never perfect in the world.

4. Just be you! That is a key to be unique person.

5. Do not envy to see others thru’ social media! They have own life, you are also.

6. Always be grateful whatever happened. This is the way to be positive.

7. Be confident for what you have. There is always way to get your needs if you fight to pursue it.

8. See the difference things in the world is a miracle. It is the way to understand and complete with others.

9. Be creative and genuinely in doing! It is meant that you are dare to be different.

10. Do not afraid of change! Life changes as it happened every time unconsciously. If you are tough to accept the life of changings, then you won’t know yourself better.

Sometimes we need role model in life as follower his/her. It isn’t absolutely worse. The role model is only to trigger us to be better. God had created each other to complete, not to compare. Be genuine and unique! No one, but you in the world! 


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