Nutritional Advice for Anti-Aging

February 9, 2018

 1. Stop intake of animal products.

Eating animal products means causing yourself to look older. Meat, margarine, dairy products, processed foods and a lot of vegetable oils are to be avoided. Reality check: margarine is in fact less of a food and more of a plastic. How gross is that?

2. Limit bread intake.

It is best to reduce your bread consumption if you have hemorrhoids or throbbing varicose veins, if you often feel bloated, or if you wake up every morning with a feeling of heaviness. Replace it with rice pasta, 100% buckwheat pasta or whole brown rice.

3. Stop taking coffee and drink real tea only.

It doesn’t matter if its green or black, just make sure to cool it down before drinking.

4. Consume soybean foods.

Soybean contains cancer-preventing substances and numerous antioxidants. Eat soybean daily, if possible. However, try to avoid the hydrogenated variety as much as possible.

5. Restrict calories

People with normal health are advised to maintain a weight less than their suggested normal weight to increase their youthful days. However, growing children and ill-health clients must not restrict their calories since they need all the nutrients there are.

6. Reduce sugar intake.

People with normal health are advised to Sugar can give you the guilty feeling after eating, while working on its dreadful effects on your body.

7. Quit smoking and reduce alcohol intake.

We can’t reiterate this once more. It’s common sense that these bad habits are damaging to one’s skin and health. But alcohol can be taken moderately for health purposes, red wine especially, for a maximum of two glasses daily.

8. Go for fish to get the essential fatty acids.

May it be mackerel, salmon, herring or sardines, fishes with omega 3 and omega 6 are the best options. Seaweed, sprouted seeds and grains, soaked nuts and pulses can be added and consumed for every day diet.

9. Take in anti-aging vitamins

We can’t do anything to bring back our youth, but we can do something to prevent damages and improve our health.

Vitamins are essential to enzyme function. Often, vitamins act as co-enzymes, so depriving yourself from vitamins can mean robbing yourself of all the benefits you can get from optimum enzyme functions.

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