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Importance of Homecare Skincare Routine

February 9, 2018

We may not realize it, but the more we are exposed to pollution, sunbathing and central heating, the more that skin moisture is lost. This results to skin dehydration, leaving our skin looking coarse and scaly. Moisture, just like oil, soothes and softens the epidermis’ dead cells for it to be equally lubricated and protected from the harsh environment.



A consistent and regular skincare should be done for the following reasons:

1.   It guarantees the provision of nutrients and fresh oxygen to the skin cells, thereby stimulating circulation.
2.   It hastens the removal of skin cells that are already dead and dry.
3.   It cleanses the skin, removing every bit of makeup, dust, dirt, bacteria and oil.
4.   It maintains the skin’s fresh, young-looking and vibrant glow. Hydration slows down the skin aging process.
5.   It regulates congestion and breakouts.
6.   Some active ingredients of the products you use can enhance the condition of your skin.

*Additional tips and suggestions are also provided for you to follow in addition to skincare.

  • Exercise and exposure to fresh air can also encourage circulation.

  • Alongside all of these, good diet can supply the skin and the body with the necessary vitamins and mineral.

  • Adequate sleep is a good refresher and regenerator.

  • Stay hydrated by consuming adequate water.

  • Substances with harmful toxins (e.g. cigarettes and alcohol) can hasten the aging process, so try to avoid them.

  • It is advisable to use products with no synthetic ingredients.

  • An ideal skincare include everyday cleaning, toning and moisturizing.




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