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How to effectively Prep your Skin for Make-up

November 28, 2017


Preparing your skin before you then apply make-up is a part of a beauty routine that is often overlooked and that in itself can actually pose a bit of a problem. You see, by avoiding doing this you are actually going to make your make-up look worse than it should be.Look at it this way. Do you really feel as if your make-up is going to look amazing if your skin is dry, flaky, or even too oily? Do you not think that if you then try to apply make-up on top of this type of skin that you are only making your life a whole lot harder as a result?

Well, life does not have to be like that. Instead, effectively preparing your skin as the first part of your make-up routine will not only make life easier, but you will also require less make-up to fix all of those apparent flaws in the first place.


So, how do you do it?

The first thing to do is to apply a quality toner to both your face and neck and gently apply it with a cotton wool pad and we really do mean be gentle with it. After this, make sure that you have correctly identified the type of skin that you have, which means whether it be naturally dry or oily, and then have a face cream that is designed to perfectly complement your skin. This should then be applied after you have put on the toner as it is going to make your skin much more receptive to the make-up.

However, the issue with the face cream goes further than that because it may be the case that your skin needs more hydration in order to get it looking its best, so keep this in mind because by adding this extra hydration it does mean that your skin is more receptive to the make-up. Furthermore, it will reduce the chances of you then having some kind of irritation or that dry feeling from being made worse, which is something that everybody should seek to avoid.


When applying the face cream make sure that you press it into your skin rather than rubbing it. Also, avoid creating any kind of a lather as this is seen as being more of just a light coating of face cream in order to make it a better surface for your make-up to then be applied onto. There is another reason why you should press the cream into your skin rather than rubbing it as this has been shown to encourage blood flow back to the surface of your skin and because of this you will then be given a rather lovely rosy glow.


After this, the next step is to look at spraying your face with something that is hydrating such as rose water. This just gives you an extra layer of moisture as well as providing more of a glow that looks completely natural in appearance. We are only talking about a gentle misting of your skin and if you use rose water then it can also help to absorb some extra oil that may appear on your skin due to its natural oil production. If there is excessive oil on your skin, then it is going to be harder for the make-up to be applied correctly.


Once you have applied the mist to your skin it is important that you then allow your skin to dry naturally and certainly do not pat your skin dry at any point. Doing so will only roughen up the surface of your skin and then the make-up may not sit as perfectly as it should. The key with all of this preparation is to make sure that your skin is put into the best possible condition and is not irritated in any way since that will only lead to it being harder to apply your make-up as your skin should be as smooth as possible to make life easier for yourself.


At this point, your skin is prepared and ready for your make-up, but at the same time there are certain steps that you should then take for the sake of getting the base foundations of your make-up done correctly as this will make the rest of everything easier. It may sound like there is a lot of work to be done with the preparation, but the entire thing from start to finish is not going to take anything longer than three minutes especially when you have things down to a perfect art.


What you are recommended is to apply your foundation and powder quite lightly over your skin because thanks to your skin being prepared it should mean that your skin is going to require less make-up to get the same results. You are advised to basically spot check those areas that are perhaps requiring some additional work to get your make-up looking perfect.


Due to having this routine it should make it easier for you to produce a much more natural look with your make-up.


Finally, when you have applied your make-up, apart from the finer touches, you should also apply a translucent powder as the top surface to round off the look and to make sure that your make-up and skin are as good as they can be.


So that is how you effectively prep your skin for make-up and as you can see it is an easy enough thing to do and you are going to be blown away by the difference that you then see when it comes to the end result of your make-up.


As you can see, this is not exactly the most difficult thing that you are ever going to have to do with your make-up, but it should ultimately become a key component of your entire regime.


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