No Cake For Me Please

November 27, 2017

So I have been getting asked and have seen alot of questions about "How to keep foundation from looking cakey" So today's post is all about combating the Cake Face.

First you want to make sure you skin is properly prepped. I like to use a scrub on my face at least twice a week. You can use Any Basics Body Scrub for this or see my DIY facial Scrub which I adore.

Facial scrubs are needed to give your face a good exfoliate to help remove dead skin cells

Once you face is properly cleaned you want to apply your mositurizer I personal like to use a lighter mositurizer in the morning Acti labs Collagen Day Cream is a perfect option.

Before proceeding to the next step you want to make sure your face is completely dry and the moisturizer has completely settled onto your face and dried.

Next Primer, you want to apply a primer to help smooth out you skin and fill in any fine lines so that you have a smooth base for your foundation. See previous blog on Foundation.

Primer also helps keep shine and oil at bay. 



Now that your skin is properly prepped you can now apply your foundation. Hope you find this information helpful & thanks for reading. 

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